Campaign Basics

The Last War is over. The nations of Khorvaire are at peace, albeit tenuously; the unexplained destruction of Cyre that turned the entire nation into the Mournland has made everyone uneasy, and the peace is largely due to no one being quite sure what caused it. Magical research gone wrong? Punishment from the gods? A superweapon of some sort? The remaining nations are struggling to rebuild after a century of conflict, and no one is quite sure how long the peace will last.

In Sharn, City of Towers, at Morgrave University, a changeling professor by the name of Bix has sent a band of former mercenaries and their companions on an international quest to learn about and find an ancient hammer that dates back as least as far as the goblin empires of millenia ago. The party is far from the only power group interested in the Hammer of Sultoh and the information associated with it, however…

Check it out! I got the link to this site off of Penny Arcade, and I really like it so far – I don’t know how useful it will be, or if any of you will actually care enough to read it (let alone add to it,) but if you like what you see, it’d be great to have it take off. I figure if nothing else, it’ll serve a similar function to the whiteboard with all of the names on it; something to jog your memory if you want it.

Note: I’ve linked to the unofficial Eberron wiki on occasion; not all of the articles on it are very good, but sometimes they have a handy bit of info or summary.

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Power Groups

(go there for a list of the organizations that have been involved in the plot so far)


(I keep talking about the planes and manifest zones, and there are 13 different ones. Go there to keep ‘em all straight)

Death Stakes


Hammer of Sultoh

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