Hammer of Sultoh

South to Xen'drik
lightning and lycanthropes

Back in their quarters at the Twelve’s floating citadel, the party began making preparations for their trip down to Xen’drik. The goal: Find the Vishal Expedition Company and use them/their information to extort Meldrin Tella as best they can.

As the party made some purchases from the reconstituted Merchant District of Korth, and weighed the pros and cons of a train ride vs an airship journey, Lirin d’Lyrandar and Toshar d’Lyrandar paid the group a visit. In a gesture that Lirin apparently found somewhat disheartening, Toshar (whose behavior and appearance marked him as someone with both a larger dragonmark and higher standing in the House) decreed Acinonyx’s great service to the House and sudden manifestation of the Mark of Storm to be a wonderful omen, and instructed him to take the helm of the new airship Phoera the next time he was in Sharn. He was given free reign to do as he liked with the ship, with the understanding that he would take missions beneficial to the House when they deemed it necessary.

In the meanwhile, the party made arrangements to authorize the unknown gnome to pay the group Anvil(le) upon their return from the Boneyard, with a ballpark figure of 1000 galifars adjusted for quality of findings.

Acinonyx talked Toshar into letting the party take a discounted (merely 600 galifars!) airship ride down to Sharn, and took advantage of the week-long journey to get some lessons from the ship captain on how to use the wheel of wind and water to command the bound elemental and steer the ship. Acinonyx is now considered Trained for the purposes of Charisma-check airship piloting.


In Sharn, the party got their first glimpse at the airship Phoera, which they discussed rechristening as the Cloud.

While in the city, the party recieved a communique from their gnomish financial cohort, who instructed them to pick up their monetary gains at the House Kundarak bank. House Lyrandar gave Acinonyx a list of a few cities that would have shipments for the PCs to pick up, should they visit, including Stormreach. The PCs also dropped in on Morgrave University to see what was going on; Administrator Velroon has still not returned, and a priestess of the Silver Flame – presumably thanks to what Acinonyx had told Samoth Teran and company back in Korth – had gained entry to his office and was apparently very concerned about what the supernatural-evil-detecting ritual she had just cast had revealed. Oiler painlessly sedated her (which is to say, terrified her into fainting) and quickly glued a random picture from the room and a knife into her hands for laughs. The priestess will likely be very confused and alarmed when she wakes up.

After confirming that the Vishal Expedition Company had sailed south a few weeks ago on an elemental galleon bound for Stormreach, Xen’drik, the party set sail on their own airship. The Phoera/Cloud made good time even as they passed over the dangerous area known as Shargon’s Teeth, and they deftly stayed on course even as storm elementals congregated around the ship and attacked the party. One of the wind elementals knocked Acinonyx off the side of the ship, but the crew sprang into action with Redbors grabbing a life ring and vaulting off the ship to catch Acinonyx, Acinonyx pulling Redbors in close to activate the life ring, and Oiler and Mak-nud commanding the wind elemental to retrieve the duo. Shortly afterward, the thunderheads parted and they were at Stormreach.


The harbor city at the northern end of Xen’drik was bustling with energy among the buildings constructed around the giant ruins. The Red Ring (of Death) gladiator pit caught the attention of a few members even as House Lyrandar loaded their shipment of Siberys dragonshards onto the party’s ship in anticipation of their eventual departure. As the PCs asked around to find out where the VEC had gone, they eventually learned that the VEC had gone to talk to a man named Vilch that was part of the Bilge Rats gang at the northern end of town, and were looking for an Eberron dragonshard of some sort. The party invited themselves into their hideout and talked at them until the gang let slip that A.) the leader in the room was carrying an Eberron shard in his pocket, and B.) they were itching to beat up the party and rob them. At this point, naturally, a fight broke out.

The party made good on a very pointed threat towards the second-in-command, burning him from without and within even as the rest moved in to attack. The leader (Vilch) was magically bound to his chair for a good portion of the fight, as his cohorts summoned a horde of wizard-eating rats and eventually let slip the fact that they were all wererats themselves. There was no escape, even when Vilch turned into a werewolf to flee, and eventually the party was left with several dead lycanthropes and a very frightened, very impressed-upon wererat.

The final verdict: The dragonshard wasn’t the VEC’s end goal, apparently, as it was swiped by Vilch from another, separate expedition, and merely carried a map to a location deeper into Xen’drik. For now, the PCs are going to sort through whatever loot was stashed in this hideout, let Redbors buy and learn the Cure Disease ritual so he can get rid of the filth fever one of the wererats gave him, and rest before moving on.


Need: 12 successes before 6 failures.

Thus far: 4 successes (intimidation, airship flight, information gathering, Vilch “interrogation”). 0 failures (no botched checks, no severe delays such as taking mundane transportation.)

Other Notes

  • The Party’s New Airship: A carved and painted image of fiery, phoenix-like bird graces the prow of the boat, and the bird’s wings sweep back horizontally to encircle the front half of the ship and form the elemental binding struts. The fire elemental ringing the ship pulses with a deep orange color, flaring with spurts of deep red or purple, and raging bright yellow when the ship is traveling at high speed. A partially-enclosed reinforced glass bubble covers the helm, which juts above the narrow cabin at the rear of the ship enclosing the stairs down to the lower deck. The entire ship is just shy of 100 feet long.
  • Brief History of Xen’drik: As described during the session, long before the human nations ruled Khorvaire and even before the goblin kingdoms, an empire of giants ruled the continent of Xen’drik with arcane wonders and power the likes of which have yet to be replicated in the modern age. However, their empire came under attack by creatures from Dal Quor, the Plane of Dreams, and in their desparation to fend off the creatures, the giants used blood magic and sacrifice to destroy one of Eberron’s 13 (now 12) moons, permanently altering the structure of the universe and shunting Dal Quor off so that it could never orbit close to Eberron again. The repercussions of this nearly shattered the giant empire, however, and in the chaos their elven slaves rose up, rebelled against their giant masters, and escaped to the island continent of Aerenal (forming the foundation of the elf-ancestor-worship culture Redbors’ religion is based around.) The giants, unwilling to lose their slaves, got ready to unleash the same power that had destroyed the 13th moon… but before they could damage the cosmos again, the dragons of Argonessen attacked the giant empire en masse and razed it to the ground. Now all that is left of the giant kingdoms, tens of thousands of years later, is a shattered landscape ravaged by magic but filled with giant ruins and artifacts.

  • Dragonshards: For clarification: There are 3 main types of dragonshards. According to common myth, the world is formed from the bodies of three great progenitor dragons; Siberys’ body forms the sky and the golden, glimmering ring that stretches across it at night, Eberron’s body forms the surface, and Khyber’s body is the underworld that gives birth to fiends. In keeping with this:
    • The golden dragonshards that rain down from the sky are called Siberys dragonshards, and are used to create items that enhance a dragonmark’s power. The wheel of wind and water that Acinonyx uses to control the airship is built with Siberys shards.
    • The red shards that form in geodes near the surface are called Eberron shards, and are used in the creation of many magic items and enhanced spells; the map in Vilch’s hideout, and the focus for the enhanced Tenser’s Floating Disk that the magewrights used to transport the core of the Emerald Claw airship, are both Eberron dragonshards.
    • The deep purple and black shards that grow in the depths of the underground are Khyber dragonshards, and are used in binding magic; the shard at the core of every elemental-powered vehicle, such as an airship or the lightning rail train, is a Khyber shard.
Lost and Found
dragon bones and dragonshards

With the magewrights more or less safely in tow, the PCs descended upon Captain Kadaga’s “landing” site, at least as indicated by where his shield fell. They found no dragon bone and no dwarf; instead, footsteps appeared to lead away from the site and toward the wreckage of the Keeper’s Bane. Convenient, as that’s where they were headed anyway.

Atop the wreckage, an eladrin vampire named Yualla was conversing with the illusory image from before. Yualla said something to her about how “my father will be bringing you the body and the bone,” and indicated that she didn’t think the area was safe, even for her and her children.

The PCs launched their attack, and Yualla retaliated by sending her vampiric thralls to take the blunt of the blow; swarms of nimble but fragile vampire spawn lunged at the party and the magewrights, and corpse vampires with a surprising amount of agility leapt around, draining blood from their targets. The fighting took some time, but with Yualla’s attempts to dominate Acinonyx foiled by his deathmask, and with the stream of holy energy from Redbors’ consecrate, the party managed to destroy all of Yualla’s thralls and terrify her into fleeing. A short chase later, the killing blow was delivered and she dissipated into dust. The illusory image groaned about how hard it was to make good help, and vanished.

The magewrights, battered and worn but still capable, extracted the Khyber dragonshard from the ship and loaded it onto an enhanced Tenser’s Floating Disk so it could be carried out. Lirin d’Lyrandar met with the party to deliver House Lyrandar’s thanks and payment, and suggested that bigger things were in store…

Bix suggested that the party could travel over to the Boneyard in the Talenta Plains and find a suitable replacement dragon bone, but the decision was made to outsource this work to an adventuring team known as Anvil(le).

In the meantime, the party decided that they should pay Meldrin Tella a visit once more to make sure he was taking them seriously before they went to investigate the rakshasa. A cunning plan was hatched for Acinonyx, Guluvan, and Redbors to teleport into his office without warning, opening the door for Oiler to enter, trailing a floating and very imposing Mak-nud behind him. Meldrin stood up, took all of this in, and agreed to start taking the PCs seriously; he promptly vanished.

The party quickly looted what they could find in his office, fenced it, and then returned home to enjoy the spoils. Upon returning to their rooms at the Twelve, however, they found that Bix and the Hammer had both been stolen right out of his office, with only a note left that said to meet at the southwestern edge of the city. The party attempted to gather a number of witnesses for this event, and succeeded, but Meldrin was not waiting for them in person; instead, he contacted the PCs via some sort of telepathy and made them an offer.

Meldrin will release Bix unharmed and even pay the party a sizable sum if they will go retrieve the Vishal Expedition Company, or whatever information they’ve discovered, from their trip to Xen’drik, and bring the Company/ the information back to Korth.

The PCs thanked him for his time, and for very clearly identifying to them what he found important.

Additional Notes

  • There was some wacky stuff going on in that fight, from Yualla’s surprising durability, to Guluvan’s sword-based repositioning of Redbors, to Oiler’s mustache enhancement on the illusion.
  • Anvil(le), I’ve decided, consists of a dwarf fighter named Gorro, a human rogue named Selen, a dwarf cleric of Onatar named Margut, and a halfling sorceror named Hallia. They’ll see what they can accomplish.
  • I feel like there were some other things I wanted to make note of, but I’ll have to just come back and append them when they come to mind.
  • Xen’drik is a continent south of Khorvaire, and a mysterious one at that. Ages ago, it was ruled by an advanced empire of giants, but today their civilization lies in ruins and the continent itself is a dangerous, unknown region.
The Fall of the Keeper's Bane
hammer time?

Bursting out onto the main deck in a cloud of poison gas, the party found Captain Gemmak Kadaga speaking to an illusory image. The figure he was talking to was of an ancient, undead young woman with elven and draconic features, wearing an elaborate and archaic headdress and matching robes. She suggested to Captain Kadaga that he eliminate the party rather than try her patience, and he gladly complied. Or attempted to, at any rate.

The resulting fight was brutal, with virtually every combatant becoming bloodied at some point throughout it. Kadaga and a group of Claw soldiers chose to vent their rage at the Silver Flame paladin, hacking and pounding away at him as Oiler carefully maneuvered his Stinking Cloud to keep whittling away at Kadaga, who gradually succumbed to its influence even as the Hammer begain empowering and sustaining him.

The pilot of the ship, a half-elf named Theral bearing the Mark of Storm, left the helm to assist in battle, giving Acinonyx the opening to grab the ship’s wheel of wind and water and threaten to plunge it into the ground. His threat became even more believable as the Least Mark of Storm manifested on the back of his neck. Kadaga began smashing up the ship in a furious rage, severely damaging the wheel and causing the bound fire elemental to go berserk; it lashed out at a few party members before Acinonyx calmed it down and directed it to vent its rage at its former master, Theral. Theral surrendered shortly thereafter, Guluvan began turning the ship’s ballistae back on its own crew, and Captain Kadaga attempted to fling himself off the side of the ship, screaming “My Queen! I will bring you the Hammer myself!”

Much to Kadaga’s chagrin in the last moments of his life, the Hammer fell apart in a pile of disparate bones, and Kadaga dropped to the ground with only a single bone in his grasp (but not before Oiler and Guluvan made sure to finish the job with a couple of ballista bolts.)

With the assistance of Theral (who was demanding “immunity,” possibly from the dragonmarked houses), Acinonyx and Redbors were able to guide the ship into a controlled crash landing near the edge of the Mabar zone in Korth, and the whole group escaped to a clearing where they met a small strike group from the Silver Flame. A couple of paladins and a cleric (Samoth, Gerda, Muldar) along with a few warriors, they were in the area investigating the rakshasa that Acinonyx had reported, and took note of his new suggestion to investigate Administrator Velroon. They helped the party safely loot what they could find in the airship wreckage, and then made their escape; Karrnathi patrols were starting up, and they were technically a military force crossing international borders that would probably be very bad for post-war relations between Karrnath and Thrane. Oiler sent a message to the wizard Teltha, and she arrived shortly afterward with a flock of hippogriffs and a good amount of shock. She and the party made their way back to the Twelve’s floating citadel.

Over the next couple of days, a number of things happened as the repercussions of an Emerald Claw airship falling over Korth rippled out.

  • A dragonmarked heir of House Lyrandar named Lirin d’Lyrandar met with the party to thank and congratulate them for once again doing them a great favor; first the destruction of the Cloudreaver pirate band, and now the demolition of a powerful stolen Lyrandar airship. Lirin was fairly pompous and inadvertently turned up the superiority dial when he discovered that Acinonyx had manifested the Mark of Storm, possibly to reassert his own self-importance. The PCs made it fairly clear to him that this might be difficult, as he was a lord in charge of supplying rainfall to the outlying Karrnathi crops and they had destroyed an airship and a pirate gang in just the past month.
  • The fact remains, however, that the party is in very good standing with House Lyrandar now, who have now hired them to retrieve the extremely valuable Khyber dragonshard from the wreckage of the airship.
  • Bix has begun assembling the Hammer from the pile of bones it became, but is missing a dragon bone for the handle. The party is currently hoping they can retrieve the one Kadaga took with him when he dove off the side of the ship.
  • The party checked on their “real estate venture,” speaking to the unknown gnome contact they arranged it through. The gnome is confident that they’ll be able to get back a solid 100% return on their initial investment over the next couple of weeks; obviously, this is after the reasonable fee he is keeping for himself in exchange for doing the work and keeping it on the down-low.
  • A man with large burn scar on the left side of his face and 8 golden rings betraying his association with The Aurum met with the party, introducing himself as Meldrin Tella. He said that it was vital that his organization acquire the Hammer, and offered the party 1000 gold apiece right then and there to go get it and hand it over. The party talked it over and came to the conclusion that they preferred leaving the Hammer in Bix’s hands for a variety of reasons; they returned and told Meldrin in no uncertain terms that they would hold him personally responsible if the Hammer ever left Bix’s possession. He got the hint and left.
  • A trial is occuring in the city for Commander Willart Grem, who is accused of treason for deliberatly holding up Karrnath’s response to the illegal presence of the Order of the Emerald Claw in Karrnathi airspace. Given the way Karrnathi law operates, it is likely that if they can’t get any answers out of him during interrogation, they’ll drag it out of his corpse after the execution.

The party, accompanied by some House Lyrandar magewrights, has decided to go see if they can find the dragonbone Kadaga took with him and retrieve the dragonshard from the Keeper’s Bane. A mid-air scuffle with some flying undead creatures proved the efficacy of immobilizating and knocking things prone, as well as the lack of combat readiness on the magewrights’ parts, but the party is ready to resume their search. Will they find the bone, or will they have to look elsewhere? Can they keep the magewrights safe while they extract the dragonshard? How safe is Bix in the Twelve’s citadel, and who else might be interested in acquiring the Hammer now that it’s been unearthed?

Soup's On
the dwarf, specifically

The jailbreak continued this session with the PCs clearing two more decks of the ship. Having tied up the Emerald Claw necromancer from last session and leaving him face-down on the glass viewing bubble at the bottom of the ship, the PCs crept up to the main living quarters of the ship where the bulk of the soldiers resided.

The first room the PCs opted to look into turned out to be the ship’s privy, with one Claw soldier just starting to leave. Mak-nud and Oiler quickly KO’ed him and then proceeded towards the fore of the ship, where they heard sizzling sounds, pausing momentarily for Mak-nud and Redbors to bar the large double doors in the hallway (behind which many voices could be heard.)

The PCs opened the door to discover a kitchen occupied by a large, burly dwarf armed with a frying pan and a baking sheet, and two very surprised and hungry Claw soldiers. The alert was quickly sounded as the half-dozen or so soldiers currently in the main bunk room grabbed their weapons and moved to engage, stymied by the barricaded door. Acinonyx and Guluvan teamed up to trap the dwarf cook beneath his own cooking pot, Redbors summoned his riding horse into the middle of the ship much to the shock of all of the Emerald Claw soldiers, and Oiler began transferring cookies from the kitchen over to Mak-nud as the fight raged on, drawing the attention of the rest of the floor (including one of the elite Emerald Acolytes.)

Advancing to the third deck, the PCs got ready to kick things up a notch; with Acinonyx and Redbors’ divine empowerment, they burst out of the rear stairwell like a force of nature, Oiler sweeping the deck clean of life with Stinking Cloud and the rest of the party finishing off the unliving foes that remained. Their opposition included a powerful cleric of the Blood of Vol who was unfortunately not immune to poison, a ghastly creature known as a pale reaver, and sword-wielding zombies that would not stay down without a good finishing sear.

This deck was much more nicely kept, with obvious use of Prestidigitation to keep the floors and walls clean and polished. A central dining hall, the captain’s quarters, a cleaner privy, special rooms for the wizard and cleric to live and study in, and – most importantly – the Khyber dragonshard of the ship, a large shard of crystal mined from the depths of Eberron and used for binding purposes. In the case of elemental vehicles such as an the airship, this dragonshard controls and seals the fire elemental that holds the ship aloft.

Riding high on their success on this deck, the party has opted to storm the top of ship without taking a rest first – bereft of some of their powers, but still invested with divine strength and protection (and a cloud of poison gas), they’re taking a gamble. Will they smash up the Khyber shard powering the ship or leave it intact? Will they finish off Captain Kadaga or will he drive them off the ship? Will they reclaim the Hammer?

Captured on the Keeper's Bane

Trapped between hordes of undead and an airship of the Emerald Claw, the party found themselves without much recourse; despite their resistance, the party was captured and beaten unconscious as Captain Gemmak Kadaga claimed the Hammer.

Several hours later, the party woke up in the brig of the Keeper’s Bane as a number of the more bloodthirsty soldiers entered the room, led by a halfling torturer who decided to start with “the elf,” Redbors. Unfortunately for the halfling, as he started to get to work, the keys slipped off his belt and Redbors grabbed at them; carnage ensued, and half a minute later the party was free atop a pile of dead Emerald Claw soldiers.

As the entire room was contained in a Silence ritual to prevent the screams of tortured prisoners from distracting the rest of the ship, the party was able to catch their breath before diving out and engaging the rest of the soldiers that were on the bottom deck, including a necromancy-specialist wizard. Mak-nud forced the necromancer into submission, and the rest of the soldiers were given a sound thrashing, including the one who tried to flee and alert the rest of the ship when it became apparent that things were going to end poorly for him.

The party has reached the armory and recovered/reequipped their arms and armor, but there’s a shipful of soldiers above them that may be too much to handle all at once, and a very powerful and angry dwarf they’re going to have to contend with to get the Hammer back. Fun times.


(you should defintely add to this if you feel like something needs more representation)

  • Oiler blinding half the room with his implanted magic orb before anyone could react.
  • Fen-Gol grabbing a hapless soldier through his prison bars and tearing his throat out.
  • Redbors Commanding a guard to run into the recently-vacated cage, and then locking the cage shut.
  • Guluvan and Acinonyx’s Defender Dance.

Side Notes

(if I neglected to write something here that you wanted more clarification/info on, let me know. It’s entirely possible I just forgot to mention it.)

  • Captain Kadaga mentioned using spies to keep tabs on the party’s progress. He also seemed somewhat less-than-thrilled about Korth’s current status, which struck some of you as inconsistent.
  • The Blood of Vol religion has its roots in elf culture, oddly enough; the elven Undying Court (Redbors’ religion) is based around venerating and sustaining their ancestors into “undeath” through religious rite and devotion. The Blood of Vol, on the other hand, sees their dead elven ancester Erandis d’Vol as a martyr to the cause of achieving divinity for onesself through undeath… even if it’s the sort that has to prey on the living.
  • The ship’s name “The Keeper’s Bane” refers to The Keeper, the god in Eberron associated with death and the trapping of souls; if you believe the stories, if the Keeper gets his hands on you you don’t even get an afterlife. The name also has the side benefit of talking about the Keeper of the Silver Flame, the current pope in charge of Acinonyx’s church.
  • The airship is over a city of some sort, but you can’t see much detail – it’s cloudy and (I forgot to mention this) getting dark.
The Story So Far...
Recap as of mid-January

The Cast of Characters

  • Acinonyx, Paladin (Guy) A half-elf paladin of the Church of the Silver Flame. Fought for his home nation of Thrane alongside the mercenary group containing Mak-nud, Oiler, and Fen-Gol, and has been working with them ever since Mak-nud and Oiler saved his life.
  • Redbors, Cleric (David) An eladrin cleric of the Undying Court. Banished from the feywild plane of Thelanis for unknown reasons, he wound up among the ancestor-worshiping elves of Aerenal and, much to their surprise, became one of their most devout clerics despite only having loose ancestral ties to the elves.
  • Mak-nud, Warlock (Mark) Once a human, now bears more resemblance (mechanically and visibly) to a tiefling. A native of Cyre (the nation that was destroyed at the end of the war,) he fought as a mercenary during the war, and commands dark powers that bear some strange connection to a being known as Sultoh.
  • Oiler, Wizard (Eric) A warforged, built for magic, mayhem, and maintenance with an embedded dissection kit in his arm. He came into Mak-nud’s command/possession during the war, and saved Acinonyx’s life at Mak-nud’s request.
  • Fen-Gol, Ranger (Chris) A big, tough orc that suffered more than a few scarring injuries during his work as a mercenary in the Last War alongside Mak-nud, including the loss of one of his eyes.
  • Guluvan, Swordmage (Matt) An eladrin practitioner of arcane swordplay, he was sent to join his banished cousin Redbors for a seemingly arbitrary offense. The eladrin courts are mysterious at best to even those within them.
  • (no longer playing) Kaoru, Rogue (Rohini) A halfling with some mysterious ties to House Ghallanda, she worked for the party as the resident thief and lockpicker before vanishing during one of their escapades.

The Short Version

  • Administrator Velroon at Morgrave University in Sharn put the PCs in touch with Professor Bix. He was very excited about some information he had discovered regarding an ancient goblin artifact, the Hammer of Sultoh, and after weathering a sudden assassination attempt (traced back to the Emerald Claw), he sent the PCs on the lightning rail train to Sigilstar, Thrane in search of an ancient goblin book.
  • Dodging an attack on the train by the Emerald Claw airship “The Keeper’s Bane”, foiling the rival Vishal Expedition Co. party, and sneaking past several dozen Claw soldiers, the PCs entered a hobgoblin tomb of the Haruush family and found the book.
  • Escaping through a bizarre bit of planar convergence with Lamannia and avoiding a confrontation with some wererats, the PCs made their way safely back to Sharn and Morgrave University.
  • Finding that he couldn’t make much sense of the book without some additional reference material, Bix sent the PCs eastward to Adderport, Q’barra in search of a set of goblin scrolls.
  • The scrolls were found deep within Ghaash’ta Hall, an ancient hobgoblin monastery. The monastery was infested with kobolds; they fought at the behest of a young green dragon who was obsessed with the dragonmarks found within the monastery. The scrolls themselves also seemed to talk about these dragonmarks quite a bit. Mak-nud learned a bit more about the dark power he has a pact with; the hobgoblin ghosts in the monastery knew of it and called it Sultoh.
  • The party made their escape as the Emerald Claw showed up again in the Keeper’s Bane; the PCs met up with the Vishal Expedition Co. again and escaped with them as a massive gold dragon arrived to fight off the Keeper’s Bane.
  • The PCs duped the V.E.C. once again and sailed to Korth, thanks to a speaking stone message from Bix. They beat the tar out of a gang of pirates along the way, met up with Guluvan, made some money selling their captured ships and collecting rewards, and arrived in Korth.
  • In Korth, the PCs discovered that the “Bix” they were meeting there was, in fact, a rakshasa who proceeded to rattle off a list of obscure events, spill blood at the heart of the city, and trigger an eruption of negative energy from the plane of Mabar. A large chunk of the city was quickly shattered, thousands of inhabitants dying and rising again as mindless undead.
  • The PCs acquired some House Vadalis hippogriffs, and after a meeting with wizards from The Twelve, decided to contact Bix for more info. Bix arrived, did some research, and concluded that the Hammer was probably located under Korth.
  • The PCs initiated some speculative real estate ventures and delved into the city sewers, where they found the Hammer and wound up getting chased by undead up to the top of a tall building. They now face capture by the Emerald Claw airship.
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