Hammer of Sultoh

Captured on the Keeper's Bane


Trapped between hordes of undead and an airship of the Emerald Claw, the party found themselves without much recourse; despite their resistance, the party was captured and beaten unconscious as Captain Gemmak Kadaga claimed the Hammer.

Several hours later, the party woke up in the brig of the Keeper’s Bane as a number of the more bloodthirsty soldiers entered the room, led by a halfling torturer who decided to start with “the elf,” Redbors. Unfortunately for the halfling, as he started to get to work, the keys slipped off his belt and Redbors grabbed at them; carnage ensued, and half a minute later the party was free atop a pile of dead Emerald Claw soldiers.

As the entire room was contained in a Silence ritual to prevent the screams of tortured prisoners from distracting the rest of the ship, the party was able to catch their breath before diving out and engaging the rest of the soldiers that were on the bottom deck, including a necromancy-specialist wizard. Mak-nud forced the necromancer into submission, and the rest of the soldiers were given a sound thrashing, including the one who tried to flee and alert the rest of the ship when it became apparent that things were going to end poorly for him.

The party has reached the armory and recovered/reequipped their arms and armor, but there’s a shipful of soldiers above them that may be too much to handle all at once, and a very powerful and angry dwarf they’re going to have to contend with to get the Hammer back. Fun times.


(you should defintely add to this if you feel like something needs more representation)

  • Oiler blinding half the room with his implanted magic orb before anyone could react.
  • Fen-Gol grabbing a hapless soldier through his prison bars and tearing his throat out.
  • Redbors Commanding a guard to run into the recently-vacated cage, and then locking the cage shut.
  • Guluvan and Acinonyx’s Defender Dance.

Side Notes

(if I neglected to write something here that you wanted more clarification/info on, let me know. It’s entirely possible I just forgot to mention it.)

  • Captain Kadaga mentioned using spies to keep tabs on the party’s progress. He also seemed somewhat less-than-thrilled about Korth’s current status, which struck some of you as inconsistent.
  • The Blood of Vol religion has its roots in elf culture, oddly enough; the elven Undying Court (Redbors’ religion) is based around venerating and sustaining their ancestors into “undeath” through religious rite and devotion. The Blood of Vol, on the other hand, sees their dead elven ancester Erandis d’Vol as a martyr to the cause of achieving divinity for onesself through undeath… even if it’s the sort that has to prey on the living.
  • The ship’s name “The Keeper’s Bane” refers to The Keeper, the god in Eberron associated with death and the trapping of souls; if you believe the stories, if the Keeper gets his hands on you you don’t even get an afterlife. The name also has the side benefit of talking about the Keeper of the Silver Flame, the current pope in charge of Acinonyx’s church.
  • The airship is over a city of some sort, but you can’t see much detail – it’s cloudy and (I forgot to mention this) getting dark.



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