Hammer of Sultoh

Lost and Found

dragon bones and dragonshards

With the magewrights more or less safely in tow, the PCs descended upon Captain Kadaga’s “landing” site, at least as indicated by where his shield fell. They found no dragon bone and no dwarf; instead, footsteps appeared to lead away from the site and toward the wreckage of the Keeper’s Bane. Convenient, as that’s where they were headed anyway.

Atop the wreckage, an eladrin vampire named Yualla was conversing with the illusory image from before. Yualla said something to her about how “my father will be bringing you the body and the bone,” and indicated that she didn’t think the area was safe, even for her and her children.

The PCs launched their attack, and Yualla retaliated by sending her vampiric thralls to take the blunt of the blow; swarms of nimble but fragile vampire spawn lunged at the party and the magewrights, and corpse vampires with a surprising amount of agility leapt around, draining blood from their targets. The fighting took some time, but with Yualla’s attempts to dominate Acinonyx foiled by his deathmask, and with the stream of holy energy from Redbors’ consecrate, the party managed to destroy all of Yualla’s thralls and terrify her into fleeing. A short chase later, the killing blow was delivered and she dissipated into dust. The illusory image groaned about how hard it was to make good help, and vanished.

The magewrights, battered and worn but still capable, extracted the Khyber dragonshard from the ship and loaded it onto an enhanced Tenser’s Floating Disk so it could be carried out. Lirin d’Lyrandar met with the party to deliver House Lyrandar’s thanks and payment, and suggested that bigger things were in store…

Bix suggested that the party could travel over to the Boneyard in the Talenta Plains and find a suitable replacement dragon bone, but the decision was made to outsource this work to an adventuring team known as Anvil(le).

In the meantime, the party decided that they should pay Meldrin Tella a visit once more to make sure he was taking them seriously before they went to investigate the rakshasa. A cunning plan was hatched for Acinonyx, Guluvan, and Redbors to teleport into his office without warning, opening the door for Oiler to enter, trailing a floating and very imposing Mak-nud behind him. Meldrin stood up, took all of this in, and agreed to start taking the PCs seriously; he promptly vanished.

The party quickly looted what they could find in his office, fenced it, and then returned home to enjoy the spoils. Upon returning to their rooms at the Twelve, however, they found that Bix and the Hammer had both been stolen right out of his office, with only a note left that said to meet at the southwestern edge of the city. The party attempted to gather a number of witnesses for this event, and succeeded, but Meldrin was not waiting for them in person; instead, he contacted the PCs via some sort of telepathy and made them an offer.

Meldrin will release Bix unharmed and even pay the party a sizable sum if they will go retrieve the Vishal Expedition Company, or whatever information they’ve discovered, from their trip to Xen’drik, and bring the Company/ the information back to Korth.

The PCs thanked him for his time, and for very clearly identifying to them what he found important.

Additional Notes

  • There was some wacky stuff going on in that fight, from Yualla’s surprising durability, to Guluvan’s sword-based repositioning of Redbors, to Oiler’s mustache enhancement on the illusion.
  • Anvil(le), I’ve decided, consists of a dwarf fighter named Gorro, a human rogue named Selen, a dwarf cleric of Onatar named Margut, and a halfling sorceror named Hallia. They’ll see what they can accomplish.
  • I feel like there were some other things I wanted to make note of, but I’ll have to just come back and append them when they come to mind.
  • Xen’drik is a continent south of Khorvaire, and a mysterious one at that. Ages ago, it was ruled by an advanced empire of giants, but today their civilization lies in ruins and the continent itself is a dangerous, unknown region.



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