Hammer of Sultoh

Soup's On

the dwarf, specifically

The jailbreak continued this session with the PCs clearing two more decks of the ship. Having tied up the Emerald Claw necromancer from last session and leaving him face-down on the glass viewing bubble at the bottom of the ship, the PCs crept up to the main living quarters of the ship where the bulk of the soldiers resided.

The first room the PCs opted to look into turned out to be the ship’s privy, with one Claw soldier just starting to leave. Mak-nud and Oiler quickly KO’ed him and then proceeded towards the fore of the ship, where they heard sizzling sounds, pausing momentarily for Mak-nud and Redbors to bar the large double doors in the hallway (behind which many voices could be heard.)

The PCs opened the door to discover a kitchen occupied by a large, burly dwarf armed with a frying pan and a baking sheet, and two very surprised and hungry Claw soldiers. The alert was quickly sounded as the half-dozen or so soldiers currently in the main bunk room grabbed their weapons and moved to engage, stymied by the barricaded door. Acinonyx and Guluvan teamed up to trap the dwarf cook beneath his own cooking pot, Redbors summoned his riding horse into the middle of the ship much to the shock of all of the Emerald Claw soldiers, and Oiler began transferring cookies from the kitchen over to Mak-nud as the fight raged on, drawing the attention of the rest of the floor (including one of the elite Emerald Acolytes.)

Advancing to the third deck, the PCs got ready to kick things up a notch; with Acinonyx and Redbors’ divine empowerment, they burst out of the rear stairwell like a force of nature, Oiler sweeping the deck clean of life with Stinking Cloud and the rest of the party finishing off the unliving foes that remained. Their opposition included a powerful cleric of the Blood of Vol who was unfortunately not immune to poison, a ghastly creature known as a pale reaver, and sword-wielding zombies that would not stay down without a good finishing sear.

This deck was much more nicely kept, with obvious use of Prestidigitation to keep the floors and walls clean and polished. A central dining hall, the captain’s quarters, a cleaner privy, special rooms for the wizard and cleric to live and study in, and – most importantly – the Khyber dragonshard of the ship, a large shard of crystal mined from the depths of Eberron and used for binding purposes. In the case of elemental vehicles such as an the airship, this dragonshard controls and seals the fire elemental that holds the ship aloft.

Riding high on their success on this deck, the party has opted to storm the top of ship without taking a rest first – bereft of some of their powers, but still invested with divine strength and protection (and a cloud of poison gas), they’re taking a gamble. Will they smash up the Khyber shard powering the ship or leave it intact? Will they finish off Captain Kadaga or will he drive them off the ship? Will they reclaim the Hammer?



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