Hammer of Sultoh

The Story So Far...

Recap as of mid-January

The Cast of Characters

  • Acinonyx, Paladin (Guy) A half-elf paladin of the Church of the Silver Flame. Fought for his home nation of Thrane alongside the mercenary group containing Mak-nud, Oiler, and Fen-Gol, and has been working with them ever since Mak-nud and Oiler saved his life.
  • Redbors, Cleric (David) An eladrin cleric of the Undying Court. Banished from the feywild plane of Thelanis for unknown reasons, he wound up among the ancestor-worshiping elves of Aerenal and, much to their surprise, became one of their most devout clerics despite only having loose ancestral ties to the elves.
  • Mak-nud, Warlock (Mark) Once a human, now bears more resemblance (mechanically and visibly) to a tiefling. A native of Cyre (the nation that was destroyed at the end of the war,) he fought as a mercenary during the war, and commands dark powers that bear some strange connection to a being known as Sultoh.
  • Oiler, Wizard (Eric) A warforged, built for magic, mayhem, and maintenance with an embedded dissection kit in his arm. He came into Mak-nud’s command/possession during the war, and saved Acinonyx’s life at Mak-nud’s request.
  • Fen-Gol, Ranger (Chris) A big, tough orc that suffered more than a few scarring injuries during his work as a mercenary in the Last War alongside Mak-nud, including the loss of one of his eyes.
  • Guluvan, Swordmage (Matt) An eladrin practitioner of arcane swordplay, he was sent to join his banished cousin Redbors for a seemingly arbitrary offense. The eladrin courts are mysterious at best to even those within them.
  • (no longer playing) Kaoru, Rogue (Rohini) A halfling with some mysterious ties to House Ghallanda, she worked for the party as the resident thief and lockpicker before vanishing during one of their escapades.

The Short Version

  • Administrator Velroon at Morgrave University in Sharn put the PCs in touch with Professor Bix. He was very excited about some information he had discovered regarding an ancient goblin artifact, the Hammer of Sultoh, and after weathering a sudden assassination attempt (traced back to the Emerald Claw), he sent the PCs on the lightning rail train to Sigilstar, Thrane in search of an ancient goblin book.
  • Dodging an attack on the train by the Emerald Claw airship “The Keeper’s Bane”, foiling the rival Vishal Expedition Co. party, and sneaking past several dozen Claw soldiers, the PCs entered a hobgoblin tomb of the Haruush family and found the book.
  • Escaping through a bizarre bit of planar convergence with Lamannia and avoiding a confrontation with some wererats, the PCs made their way safely back to Sharn and Morgrave University.
  • Finding that he couldn’t make much sense of the book without some additional reference material, Bix sent the PCs eastward to Adderport, Q’barra in search of a set of goblin scrolls.
  • The scrolls were found deep within Ghaash’ta Hall, an ancient hobgoblin monastery. The monastery was infested with kobolds; they fought at the behest of a young green dragon who was obsessed with the dragonmarks found within the monastery. The scrolls themselves also seemed to talk about these dragonmarks quite a bit. Mak-nud learned a bit more about the dark power he has a pact with; the hobgoblin ghosts in the monastery knew of it and called it Sultoh.
  • The party made their escape as the Emerald Claw showed up again in the Keeper’s Bane; the PCs met up with the Vishal Expedition Co. again and escaped with them as a massive gold dragon arrived to fight off the Keeper’s Bane.
  • The PCs duped the V.E.C. once again and sailed to Korth, thanks to a speaking stone message from Bix. They beat the tar out of a gang of pirates along the way, met up with Guluvan, made some money selling their captured ships and collecting rewards, and arrived in Korth.
  • In Korth, the PCs discovered that the “Bix” they were meeting there was, in fact, a rakshasa who proceeded to rattle off a list of obscure events, spill blood at the heart of the city, and trigger an eruption of negative energy from the plane of Mabar. A large chunk of the city was quickly shattered, thousands of inhabitants dying and rising again as mindless undead.
  • The PCs acquired some House Vadalis hippogriffs, and after a meeting with wizards from The Twelve, decided to contact Bix for more info. Bix arrived, did some research, and concluded that the Hammer was probably located under Korth.
  • The PCs initiated some speculative real estate ventures and delved into the city sewers, where they found the Hammer and wound up getting chased by undead up to the top of a tall building. They now face capture by the Emerald Claw airship.



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