Power Groups

Morgrave University

A place of learning and research, Morgrave University has a bit of a reputation for being less-than-discretionary in how it acquires the texts and artifacts in its possession. That said, it’s still the largest and most reputable school in Breland (the country Sharn is at the southern tip of.) Associated:
  • Professor Bix leads the way on researching the Hammer and the associated bits of the Draconic Prophecy.
  • Administrator Velroon helped fund and organize Bix’s expeditions, with the assistance of a few other university aides.
  • The PCs, of course, have worked with and been paid by Bix to acquire much of his research material.

The Order of the Emerald Claw

A militant group, once the elite soldiers of the king of Karrnath, now operating illegally and engaging in terrorist acts dedicated to restoring Karrnath to supremacy and furthering the aims of the church of the Blood of Vol. Think “post-WWII Nazis”, particularly as depicted in action movies and comic books, and you’re not far off. Associated:
  • Captain Gemmak Kadaga, a dwarf who captains a massive airship named the Keeper’s Bane. He has dogged the party multiple times in the past, but was killed after he captured the PCs and they managed to escape.
  • Theral, now in the custody of the Silver Flame group in Korth, was the dragonmarked pilot of the Keeper’s Bane.

The Aurum

A “rich boys club” that holds many seats of power throughout the continent of Khorvaire. Their members seem to devote themselves to maintaining their fortunes and obtaining collections of rare items. Associated:
  • The Vishal Expedition Company, an adventuring group headed by Salya Vishal, former comrade of the ex-mercenary PCs. They’ve clashed mostly non-violently with the party a couple of times now, have named the Aurum as their benefactors, and seem to consistently be after the same targets as the PCs.
  • Meldrin Tella, a human member of the Gold Concord (one of the higher echelons of power in the Aurum) that tried to buy the Hammer from the PCs.


Not much is known; the scrolls in the hobgoblin monastery of Ghaash’ta Hall were jealously guarded by a young green dragon named Ystravnil who talked about gaining favor with “the Chamber,” and a very large gold dragon was seen fighting the Keeper’s Bane the last time the PCs encountered it as they were leaving Ghaash’ta Hall.


Ancient, primeval incarnations of evil that were born with the world, myth and legend places them as the foes of dragons and all that is good, just, and civilized. One, in particular, seems to have made use of the Prophecy (as described in the scrolls) to engineer the destruction of a large portion of the city of Korth. He met with the PCs, posing as Bix, and the party currently suspects Administrator Velroon of being him in disguise.

The Twelve

An organization of arcane researchers, wizards, and artificers featuring representatives and sponsorship from almost all of the dragonmarked houses. Responsible for some of the greatest magical advances in recent times, they operate out of a floating citadel in Korth and are currently devoting much of their resources toward containing the spread of the devastation in Korth.

Dragonmarked Houses

Thirteen powerful noble houses. They maintain political neutrality, and many of the members of each house’s bloodline manifest powerful magical symbols called “dragonmarks” on their skin. Each house has turned the power of these dragonmarks into the foundation of a powerful monopoly on some aspect of Khorvaire’s civilization – in some ways, they’re more like megacorporations than houses of nobility. Their power is great, their influence is inescapable, and their ire is not something you typically want to draw. The PCs have primarily interacted with:
  • House Orien, humans with the Mark of Passage, control most of the land-based transportation and shipping. They run the magic trains, sell teleportation services to the wealthy (or those they are in debt to, as happened to the PCs once), and serve as couriers.
  • House Sivis, gnomes with the Mark of Scribing, serve as notaries, translators, and diplomats. They also run the magical equivalent of a telegram service, allowing fast communication across the nation. The PCs saved a House Sivis ship while sailing through the Lhazaar Principalities and are on fairly good terms with the house as result.
  • House Lyrandar, half-elves with the Mark of Storm, control the seas and the skies. They own many ships, both sea-based and airships, and in fact no airship can function properly without a half-elf with the Mark of Storm at the helm. They have purchased a few captured pirate ships from the PCs, and were quite pleased that the PCs brought down their ship that had been stolen by the Emerald Claw.
  • Others: House Cannith humans are experts in magic item creation with the Mark of Making, and created the warforged during the Last War. House Kundarak dwarves run the banks, House Vadalis humans rear a variety of animals including hippogriffs and magically-enhanced beasts, House Phiarlan and House Thuranni elves share the Mark of Shadow (split due to political differences) and ply their trade as entertainers with a secret side business of stealth and assassination, and so on (the wiki link above lists all of the houses.)

Power Groups

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